Bio Matcha Energy Drink
7. February 2019
Matcha GOURMET Dosing Stick
7. February 2019
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Sugar reduced Superfood Drink with natural caffeine and Organic Matcha with a pleasant freshness of mango and citrus. The color is light yellow-green, the liquid is slightly turbid by the addition of natural Matcha. Natural caffeine in Matcha Superfood Drink increases the ability to concentrate for hours. It ensures for clarity and alertness while serenity.

Sugar reduced (4,9g/100ml) Organic Matcha Superfood Drink with high caffeine content (30mg/100ml), with mango-citrus-flavour. Pasteurized.
Premium Quality Superfood Drink
Refreshing and energizing beverage with high caffeine content, ideal for mixing with spirits for long drinks
Yellowish green, typical green tea taste with mango-citrus-flavour
Packaging Options:
Aluminum Can 250ml
Water, sugar*, carbon dioxide, Matcha green tea powder* (0,2%), acidifier citric acid, caramel sugar syrup*, natural caffeine* (0,03%), stabilizer gum arabic, natural citrus-flavour with other natural flavourings (*from organic farming). Without preservatives!
Average nutritional value in 100ml: Energy 90kJ/21kcal, fat 0g, thereof saturated fatty acids 0g, carbohydrates 5,0g, thereof sugar 4,9g, protein 0g, salt 0g.
Not suitable for children, pregnant women, diabetics and persons hypersensitive to caffeine. Warning of excessive consumption! Shake gently before opening can. Naturally cloudy by the use of bioavailable Matcha.