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7. February 2019
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7. February 2019
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SENCHA GREEN TEA CAPSULES – Nespresso®*-compatible


The Nespresso®*-compatible Organic Sencha capsule is our innovation at BIOFACH in Nuremberg 2019.
Our organic tea leaves for the Sencha capsules are grown on nutrient-rich volcanic soil in southern Japan in Kagoshima Prefecture. The fresh spring water in the high-altitude tea gardens and the gentle cultivation process of the green tea leaves bring out the uniquely mild Sencha flavor. Preparation in Nespresso®*-compatible machines guarantees the ideal brewing temperature with the perfect amount of tea. A Sencha capsule remaining in the machine can be brewed at least 3 times, just as green leaf tea can be infused several times.

Organic Sencha Green Tea in compostable capsule with aluminum lid for Nespresso®*-system
Premium Quality – for Daily Use
Suitable for Nespresso®*-compatible machines
Yellowish green colour, typical green tea taste
Packaging Options:
10x Capsules Box
100% Organic Sencha Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis), 2g per Capsule
Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture