Matcha GOURMET Dosing Stick
7. February 2019
Bio Mix for Matcha Latte with Coconut Sugar
29. March 2019
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Hot & Cold Matcha Infusion


Matcha Innovation 2019
In a patented process, Matcha powder and fresh water is kneaded into a dough, extrudedthrough a machine resembling a pasta maker. dried and cut to obtain the thin prism, needle-like shape that resembles pine leaves.

Hot brew: Put 1-2 spoons of Matcha needles into a cup. Pour about 80ml of hot water (max. 80°C). Steep for about 1 minute. Stir with a spoon before drinking to get an even liquor. No need to remove the Matcha needles from the cup. For second, third brews onwards, just add water and stir before drinking.
Cold brew: Put 5 spoons or more in 1 liter of cold fresh water. Refrigerate overnight. Shake or swirl the bottle gently to get an even liquor before serving. Pour the brewed tea through a strainer.

Processed Matcha Green Tea Powder into solid Matcha needles
Culinary Quality – for Daily Use
Convenient way to prepare a Matcha infusion without using a bamboo whisk
Clear yellowish green colour, typical green tea taste with a slight sweetness.
Packaging Options:
Cardboard Can 30g
100% Matcha (Shaded Green Tea Powder, Camellia Sinensis)
Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture